Dispersing tool for very small quantities
Our PICO tools are used for smaller sample quantities, especially in bio- and gentechnological sample preparation, but especially also in PCR diagnostics. No matter if you want to extract RNA or if tissue has to be comminuted for other analysis procedures. The tools of the MICCRA Biotech series will speed up and simplify your work without heating up the sample. They are also reliable helpers for cell disruption and enzyme studies. Combined with the high speeds of the MICCRA D-1 and D-9 dispersing drives you will get excellent results within seconds, which have been confirmed by BSE laboratories.
Recommended homogenizer / disperser:
MICCRA MiniBatch D-1
MICCRA MiniBatch D-9

Technical data

Material 316L SS
Stator type Stator 14 mm spike head
Outer diameter Stator 14 mm
Rotor type Cutting rotor
Tool length 200 mm
Treatable volume (acc. to H2O) 10 – 500 ml
Bearing type PTFE (plain white)