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The smooth transition from laboratory to production scale

Your advantages thanks to MICCRA. MICCRA designs all its dispersing and homogenizing systems in such a way that they easily meet the requirements of modern companies. Therefore they convince not only with extraordinary speed, quality and reliability, but also offer enormous advantages in other important areas.

Your advantages thanks to MICCRA

Increased productivity
Faster workflows
Reliable security
Improved cost control
Simple machine operation
Responsibility for the environment

Comparative tests of independent research laboratories

Comparative tests carried out by independent research laboratories have clearly shown that the MICCRA series, such as the laboratory, pilot plant and production models, offer decisive advantages such as increased productivity, faster workflows, reliable safety, improved cost control and simple equipment and machine operation. The fast dispersion and homogenizing speeds of the MICCRA series in combination with the intelligent design ensure that your work groups are consistently more productive than before. Intuitive operation, ease of use, the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, powerful productivity tools and easily replaceable consumables mean you can do more with less.

Pilot plants

Pi -Batch

Pi -InLine

The MICCRA Pi-Batch is a flexible and versatile system to: disperse, homogenize and emulsify different liquid and flowable components, depending on the tool application, in batch mode.

The offered InLine system of the MICCRApro series works exactly according to this principle and is built on a mobile stainless steel base frame. The product can be dispersed, homogenized or pumped by the dispersing unit through an external circulation line. Via this circulation line the product also returns to the mixing vessel.

MICCRA Flyer - Midi Series